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Plant a Tree Day in Hurghada is an initiative started by a group of Hurghada residents, Egyptian and expatriate and inspired by the 50 Million Trees in Egypt and Shagara projects.
The aim of the Hurghada project and the other national initiatives, is to plant trees and shrubs to create “green space” within cities, to improve the look and atmosphere of the environment, offer shade to people and animals and create a suitable environment for planting of small holdings growing fruits and vegetables.

It is also proposed with the cooperation of the Red Sea Governorate and City Council to designate large areas of desert land which can be planted with fruit trees, such as olives and limes, as well as improving existing parks and establishing new recreational spaces on the unused patches of land within the city’s residential areas.
The proposed schedule of events will centre on the last half of February 2013. This will allow the new trees to establish their roots and acclimatise to their new environment prior to the onset of the hot weather throughout the summer months.
Plant a Tree Day itself will be on Friday, February 22nd when the majority of independent planting will take place, and will be followed by a celebratory event in the El Mamsha area in the evening.

The Department of Education of Hurghada has already made the commitment to grant all public and private schools a special “camp day” which releases them from studies for the day as they will be involved in this society related project. It is proposed that this day will be Thursday 21st February 2013 when the schools will plant trees in their own grounds and surrounding areas. As it will be impossible for everyone to be available on the same few days it is proposed that Valentine’s Day 14th February 2013 is the start of Plant a Tree Week and throughout this week any individuals, nurseries, clubs, activity groups, social groups, corporate entities, hotels, tourist companies, dive centres, shops , bars and restaurants can Plant A Tree in their local environment or sponsor the planting of a larger number of trees in a designated area.

Tourists, non-resident property owners and other individuals who have an interest in improving Hurghada will be able to contribute via collecting points at various bars and restaurants around Hurghada, via friends and relatives living in Hurghada as well as via bank transfer to the Project’s account. A system of receipt books will be instigated to ensure transparency in collection and to ensure that all donated funds are directed to the project. It is worth noting that all individuals involved in the project do so on an entirely voluntary basis and will receive no financial recompense for their activities.

Concerns over the care and maintenance of the trees after planting have been addressed. Individuals will be encouraged to water the trees that they themselves plant, and with support from the Governor’s office and the City Council businesses will be obliged to water plants in their vicinity while the Council itself will be responsible for public areas, such as parks and the larger out-of-town plantings. Watering of plants within the vicinity of a mosque has been discussed with Al Azhar and they are giving the project their full cooperation and will implement plans, where feasible, to redirect the waste water from their ablution facilities to storage areas for later use in watering or directly into the planted areas around the mosque buildings which Al Azhar is also keen to encourage. Schools will also be advised on implementing similar re-use of light waste water, to assist with the maintenance of the trees for which they will be responsible.

It is proposed that the planting will consist of 3 types of trees: Fruit trees - around schools, mosques and in local community areas – lemon and olive trees have been suggested as the most suited to the local environment, not needing too much water and producing something of benefit to the local residents Shade trees – caffour in particular, which are cheap to buy even as quite mature trees, do not require too much water and are fast-growing. Ideal for lining roads and boundaries of parks. Flowering trees – slightly more expensive to buy, and may require more water than other “desert” trees, but a beautiful addition to parks and residential areas. Poinsiana (flame tree), jacaranda, tecoma, cassia are readily available. Choices within private areas, school grounds and local streets would be left up to the individuals taking responsibility for the planting while in public areas the Department of Agriculture has offered its advice and assistance. A list of suppliers who are cooperating with the project will be posted nearer the time and it is advised that trees are ordered by mid-January to ensure delivery prior to the event.

email: plantatree@green-redsea.org
We have a facebook page, where you can follow the progress.


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