Press Release July 15, 2012

On June 22 2012 an initiative was started to use the power of our community to make Hurghada and the Red Sea Governorate a better, cleaner and more healthy environment, spreading awareness and using our knowledge and enthusiasm as tools for the improvement of the place in which we live.
We have already had 2 pilot events focusing on awareness in children: one in Mövenpick Resort Hurghada and an overnight trip to Marsa Alam. We carried out cleanups and found out how Mövenpick Resorts are doing a great deal to help the environment.
We visited the HEPCA Solid Waste Plant in Marsa Alam - and we had a lot of fun as well. We were able to do all these activities thanks to our sponsors. We will try to make as many of the activities as possible free of charge, so that everybody can join in and reap the benefits.

For the children we have the awareness program of Green World-Green Egypt, available in Arabic as well as in English. Mövenpick Resort Hurghada already offered to 'adopt' a State School so these children will be able to follow the 'Green Egypt' program as well. It would be great if more hotels would do the same.

We have all kinds of projects in mind to re-use, reduce and recycle the waste we produce and will very soon have a meeting with HEPCA to join forces in that field. They already have experience and have done a lot of research which we can benefit from. For example, we are considering a compost plant. We can all contribute by separating our waste before we put it outside.
We can even think of having an organic egg farm, maybe farm other animals as well using organic methods. We can, and will, provide jobs via our projects if we all work together. We can think of using waste materials to create new products, re-using and recycling as much as possible.

We already found a solution for the candlewax, we will start to approach hotels and restaurants not to trow it in the garbage put to keep it apart to be recycled into new candles.
For batteries (torches, remote controles etc.) we also are working to create collecting points where people can bring them so they will not end up in the landfill anymore but will be recycled properly.

We will approach the travelagencies abroad, they will benefit from a cleaner/healthier Red Sea, because some tourists dislike the rubbish everywhere and for that reason never come back, and will spread the word, negatively.

We will do Cleanups, next week we go to clean Magawish Island. Orange Bay will sponsor this event with a lunch and a cooling off at their Island.
We will help Blue Moon Animal Center to build a roof for the camel/donkey home, Bulls will sponsor that event with pizza's for the volunteers. We can do many such things with the help of the community.

If you want to help as a volunteer, if you have ideas, if you want to sponsor our activities please get in touch. Let's all do our best to have a better future.

We would like to aim for “official” status so if you know a lawyer who can help us out free of charge we would be grateful for the contact. When we are official we can get look for external sponsorship and help from scientists on how to make the most of new developments.

We also want to organize a “plant-a-tree” day, we will work together with The National Project for Planting 50 million fruit trees in Egypt, facebook to bring more shade, clean air and oxygen to our area. We will share information on what we can do with our waste, how to re-use, reduce and recycle, how to make the household more environmental friendly and about ecological gardening and natural health. Some companies already sponsored our activities and offered sponsoring for future plans.
Together we can do it, we can make The Red Sea turn Green!

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